The Spirit of Pine Valley

A Unique Community Living with Nature

by Editorial Team
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Please Take Action! We Are an International Dark-Sky Community

Below are some points taken from the article “Villagers Urged To Replace Outdoor Lighting To Comply With Community’s Dark Skies Designation“ by Joanne Kendrick, originally Published in The Villager with background information about the Big Park/Village of Oak Creek Dark-Sky designation. “Light pollution, particularly the blue … Continue reading

History of Pine Valley Subdivision

by Editorial Team

by Judy Mandeville, Historian

Pine Valley is a unique subdivision surrounded by National Forest.  It is one mile from the nearest residential area.  The valley was homesteaded by Jack Speed.  There were several western movies filmed in the area.  Harold Friend purchased the valley in the late 60’s.  Jacks Canyon Road was an old forest road at the time and it was redone with many of the curves taken out of it.  You can still see some signs of the old road along the creek.  It was put in during a very wet year when they had 13 inches of rain in two months.  It was a gravel road and in some spots it became very deep due to trucks getting stuck and having to dump their loads to be pulled out. Read More >

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