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Dumpster News – April, 2020

by Editorial Team | Comments Off on Dumpster News – April, 2020

Firewise Clean-up Time
Fire Department Provides Free Dumpser

In an effort to encourage Pine Valley residents to clear out dead brush and leaves, the Sedona Fire District is providing a complimentary yard waste dumpster for our neighborhood.

It was delivered on Tuesday, April 28, and is open to everyone.  ONLY combustible vegetation… branches, leaves, twigs.  No cactus or trash of any kind!  You’ll find a map to the location at the bottom of this page.

Please help monitor the dumpster for appropriate use, be conscious of the neighbors who live on Ridgecrest Court, and clean up after yourself.  You should bring a broom and tools for pressing your waste into the dumpster.

From: Jon Davis
Subject:  Firewise Clean-up

Due to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sedona Fire District is conducting the 18th annual Firewise Clean Up.

As an essential service, it is imperative that we take steps to protect the health of our employees so that they may continue to provide emergency services.  For this reason, Sedona Fire District will not be able to provide firefighters to assist with unloading of materials from vehicles or trailers or to remain onsite and monitor the items being disposed.

We are seeking your assistance to help police the dumpsters to insure that only combustible vegetation is disposed of during this time.  Garbage, household items and cactus will not be allowed as those items are not consistent with the purpose of the event which is to assist our residents in removing combustible vegetation from around their homes.

Jon Davis
Division Chief – Community Risk Reduction
Sedona Fire District


1. Place only green waste in the dumpster (no plastic bags or other inorganic material).
This is for landscape debris only.
 ONLY combustible vegetation… branches, leaves, twigs.  No cactus or trash of any kind!
2. Be neat and keep the area clean for our neighbors who live on that street.
3. Compress the material you place in the dumpster to best utilize the space.
4. If you bring firewood to the dumpster, stack it neatly beside the dumpster for others to take.

Address: Ridgecrest Court