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Water Conservation

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We all need to be conscious of our water use. Some water comes free – in the form of rain or snow. But how do we use or harvest it?

One of the most important issues that we locals, including Pine Valleyans, deal with, is water erosion. Did you know that all that wonderful, free water running off some properties, causing mud and erosion, can be intelligently harvested?

Image courtesy Harvesting

Arizona water expert, Brad Lancaster, says, “Plant the rain before you plant plants.” Even in the high desert, rain falls, and it is a lot if you harvest it, or lead it through your property in such a way that it actually waters plants, and no water gets wasted.

There are several Pine Valley neighbors who have rain barrels to collect rain, and neighbors who incorporate rain in their gardens. Email us if you want to get in contact with them.

Here’s a link to more  information on the intelligent use of rain water.