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PVPOA News: Board Changes, Fall Dumpster, Hazardous Waste Collection

Dear Neighbors,

Although it doesn’t feel like Fall as we are strangulated in green weeds from the monsoons rains, it will be shortly. Get those weeds whacked and pulled now before they dry up and become fire tinder!  If you haven’t already given your drainage culverts and swales attention, please do so.

On a sad note, Vic Lucas resigned as president of our organization.  His letter to the board is copied below.  As election of new officers is in December, Vice President Phil Cox will assume the president’s seat for the balance of the year.

Vic was a pleasure to work with and served our organization well – very grateful for his years of service.

Please consider running for a board officer seat for 2022.  We will be soliciting nominations beginning next month.  Contact any officer to discuss your interest or just to learn more.


Dear PVPOA Board Members,

Please accept my resignation as the PVPOA President effective August 17, 2021.

Over the last two years we have had several accomplishments that we should be proud of such as the new entrance sign, gravel, new speed limit signs and generally keeping the PVPOA active during the COVID pandemic.

We continued to push back against the STRs, a battle that unfortunately will continue.  Perhaps I could have done more during my tenure.

Naturally I will continue to support the PVPOA and will assist with the new President in any way possible.

Since Fall is almost here, I will arrange for the Fall dumpsters.

Most of all I have enjoyed working and getting to know you all better.  Many of our neighbors probably don’t appreciate how much you do to enhance our little slice of heaven.

Thank you all very much for your support over the last two years.

Best regards


Hazardous Waste Collection for Residents on Oct 2, 8am-noon