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House-to-House Trash Collection UPDATE!

To All PVPOA Members,

Despite all the plans, months of communication, and a year in the works, it appears that the house-to-house trash collection originally scheduled to commence at the end of April has been permanently cancelled.

Bryan South of Veterans Landscape is apparently unable to perform this service at this time, and is generally unresponsive.

Due to budget constraints of $800 to $1000.00 per collection period (Spring and again in the Fall) it is impossible to find anyone to do this job for that price.  Bryan purported to have had a solution for the yard debris with his neighbor a goat farmer, but sans this, there is absolutely no one that we know of that will do this job.

We welcome anyone that can come to a board meeting with a constructive and well investigated plan as a solution to the problem, given the limited funds.

As such, and at this late date, we have no choice but to revert to the dumpster on Ridgecrest.

The board has scheduled the dumpster to be on Ridgecrest Ct for approximately two weeks starting on April 30, 2015.

I am truly sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause you.


Diana Judson, VP/PVPOA