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Open Letter on Smart Meters

Dear Friends and Neighbors in Pine Valley:

Dr. Harter has sent out information on some of the challenges and dangers of so-called smart meters through our PV water bills.  I hope that many of you have studied the issue and decided to “opt-out.”

Such meters are now being installed in West Sedona and I have just learned of their negative impact, within hours of installation.  A friend of mine with a hive of very gentle bees saw them become agitated and hostile within a few hours of the installation of such meters, not in her yard, but in several neighbor’s yards.

Another friend of mine in Payson fighting to keep smart meters out of that town, told me that APS installers say that bees will leave within three days of the installation of smart meters near them.

This is insane!  How are we going to fertilize our crops, our fruits and vegetables;  bees are already under attack due to all the pesticides and now we are going to chase them away from our homes and gardens?

I have had hives of bees in the past and have a new group coming to my yard in the next week.  Please help me protect them by opting out and keeping your old analog electric meter.

Thanks for reading this, and doing something about it.

Rose Marie Licher