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About the Verde Valley Neighborhood Food Project (The Green Bag Project)

February 2, 2022

For several years, the Green Bag Program has been very successful in the VOC and Pine Valley. For our area, currently the project is called Verde Valley Neighborhood Food Project.

You may not expect this, but in the Verde Valley, including Sedona, many people go hungry. This program helps fight hunger in our community. The following information is taken from the VV Neighborhood Food Project’s website (


“A Simple System That Really Works.

EVERY 2 MONTHS—on the second Saturday of every even month—our Neighborhood Coordinators pick up bags of healthy nonperishable food that neighbors have left outside their front doors. They leave empty green bags for next time, and take all the food to local Food Banks. It’s that easy!”


Details here In Pine Valley you can contact Jackie Barbour, our neighborhood point of contact at, or call her at ‭(301) 639-8439‬.


Pickups happen in front of your home. Simply place your green bag (supplied by Jackie after you contact her) with non-perishable food on the pick-up day.


The February 2022 pickup date is Saturday February 12. Please check the Pine Valley Events Calendar  (Green Bag Pickup for the Verde Valley Neighborhood Food Project) for details specific to each pick-up. Each month the needs may be different for certain food items. Sometimes you can add a “red bag,” that you can fill with specific school supplies. That way teachers don’t need to pay for these supplies themselves. Be sure to check the calendar to find up-to date necessities for that month.

Download (PDF, 1.18MB)