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About Green and Red Bag Donations

January 27, 2023

Hello, everyone.  I hope the new year is off to a good start for you.  I’m thrilled with the rain and snow that we have had and hope for more.

I want to give everyone a big thank you for last month’s pickup.  We collected 194 lbs of food from 12 donors.  This provided 162 meals for our community.  Thank you!  We are grateful to be able to help you help our community.

Our next Green Bag is scheduled for February 11th.  It will also be a Red Bag pickup month.  If you choose to donate items for our local school teachers, please put them into the Red Bags.  If you do not use the Red Bags, please include them with your Green Bags for our next cycle.

CHANGES are afoot….

There have been some changes announced by the Verde Valley Neighborhood Food Project (VVNFP).  The volunteers who run the VVNFP choose to do so with very little money.  It is an organization that is lean by decision.  As a result, monetary donations are discouraged.

Donors who want to write checks should send them directly to the food banks.  As a result, donors who prefer to only donate money and not provide non-perishable food items for pickup will no longer be considered Green Bag donors.  Those who donate on occasion will still be considered regular donors as long as they can provide the shelf stable food we need for our local pantries.

In addition, food donations cannot be designated for a specific food bank.  For the collection to work, each food bank receives a portion of the total amount of food collected.  St. Vincent De Paul Pantry and Verde Valley School Pantry only get food from the Green Bag collection effort.

As your Neighborhood Green Bag Representative, I am available to help if you find you cannot get out to purchase food.  Please contact me through email or phone (301) 639-8439‬.

Jackie Barbour