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Pine Valley Water Co
Phone: Please note new phones (928) 451-1640  or (928) 451-2804
As residents of Pine Valley, the PVPOA Board asked questions about the water in our community to Lance and Lisa Wischmeier of  the Pine Valley Company. Below their questions and answers.
    1. If we lose electricity, can your generator provide adequate power?  How often is the generator tested?
      The generator is big enough to run the booster pumps and keep the water flowing to the subdivision.  We have had one instance where the power was out for about 12 hours and had no issues. We have water storage of 3 or 4 days in the middle of summer and more than a week in the cooler months. The generator gets tested monthly.
    2. With the ongoing drought, how is the water level holding?
      The water level is doing fine, it gets measured by the Department of Water Resources, every few years. At our last measurement the water was at 597′ about a year ago. it was at its lowest about 15 years ago at 599′ and the highest was 595′ 20 years ago and again about 5 years ago. So it fluctuates in that 5′ range, but keep in mind that our pump is set at a depth of 641′ so we are over 40′ below the water level and our well is drilled and cased over 840′ so we could always lower our pump to a depth to ensure plenty of water.
    3. Whose legal responsibility is it to check the fire hydrants? 
      The Fire Department is the one who tests the hydrants, they want to know from their tests at what rate each hydrant flows. They conduct the tests yearly as part of their training that gets the firefighters familiar with the subdivision, where the hydrants are located and how they would lay hose from the hydrants to areas of the subdivision. I do not know when the last tests were.

Water is the life blood of any community and it is a testament to the fine work by Lance and Lisa that we as residents residents take for granted.  We  are blessed to have a reliable source of water.

The Board of the Pine Valley Property Owners Association