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Snakes, Scorpions, and Javelinas

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Always keep your eyes open when hiking. What to do when you encounter a Rattle Snake? Leave them alone. Read on.

For a poison emergency call 1-800-222-1222

Rattle Snakes

Prevent Snake Bites
Leave snakes alone! Harassing them provokes the to bite.

If you are able to, you could use large thongs to remove them.
First Aid
Call 911 or  the nearest hospital.

  • Do NOT use ice or electricity
  • Do NOT use tight bands or suction. Using “extractors” does not remove a significant amount of venom.
  • Do NOT give alcohol or medications
  • Do NOT wait to see if you get any symptons
  • DO relax
  • DO splint the affected limb if you can
  • DO remove tight clothing, shoes, or jewelry frm the bitten limb
  • DO go to the nearest medical facility.

Article with clear images to identify local snakes.



  • How to protect your garbage cans?
  • Do NOT feed them
  • It is UNLAWFUL to inhure them.
  • Report problems to the Fish & Game Departmenttment 1-800-352-0700.

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What Should I Do?
If javelina have become a problem or have caused property damage, see the suggestions below to deal with the situation. Do your part to keep javelina healthy and wild because their removal almost always means death. Work with your neighbors to achieve a consistent solution to the problem.

To discourage a javelina, immediately:

  • Scare off animals by making loud noises (bang pots, yell, stomp on the floor, etc.); throwing small rocks in their direction; or spraying with vinegar, water from a garden hose, or large squirt gun filled with diluted household ammonia (1 part ammonia and 9 parts water). The odor of the ammonia and the nasal irritation it causes will encourage the javelina to leave.  Avoid spraying ammonia in the eyes as it may cause damage even at this low concentration. Ammonia should not be used around wetlands because it is toxic to fish and amphibians.
  • If the animal is confined, open a gate, have all people leave the area, and allow it to leave on its own. If it is still there the following day, contact a wildlife control business  or the Arizona Game and Fish Department.
  • If you see javelina while walking your dog, avoid going near the javelina and quickly take your dog in a different direction.

In an emergency: If a javelina is acting in an aggressive manner toward people, is contained and cannot leave on its own or be let out easily, or is in human possession, please call your local Arizona Game and Fish Department regional office during weekday business hours. After hours and weekends, call the Arizona Game and Fish Department radio dispatcher at (623) 236-7201.